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Target archery

Target archery is the most popular form of archery, in which members shoot at stationary circular targets at varying distances. All types of bow – longbow, bare bow, recurve and compound can be used. In Great Britain, imperial rounds, measured in yards, are still used for many tournaments and these have slightly different rules to metric (WA) rounds, which are used internationally. Archers are divided into seniors and juniors, with juniors being those under the age of 18.


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Modern competitive target archery is governed by the World Archery Federation (abbreviated WA), formerly FITA – Fédération Internationale de Tir à l’Arc. WA is the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) recognized governing body for all of archery and Olympic rules are derived from the WA rules.


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Currently 142 nations are represented by WA archery governing bodies. The largest of these are the FFTA (French archery federation) with approximately 60,000 members, FITARCO (Italian federation), DSB (German federation), AJAF (All-Japan Archery Federation), and the GNAS (Grand National Archery Society) of Great Britain, with approximately 30,000 members which has now re-branded itself as Archery GB.


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In the United States the WA affiliated governing body is USA Archery (National Archery Association of the United States), which dates to the 1870s, making it the third oldest archery governing body after GNAS and FITARCO, which date to the 1860s.


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